Multiplier Events

Multiplier Events

Dissemination is a transversal process, aimed at promoting actions, targeted initiatives and communication in support of a wide, continuous and effective dissemination of the project activities, results and resources.

Multiplier Events are organised to share the intellectual outputs of a project with a wider audience: teachers, who are the main project target, school staff, principals, families, students, the professionals and institutional profiles that are part of the school environment.

CURRY project has realized the following Multiplier Events:

  • 1st Round: CURRY In Progress, summer 2021, in Italy (Brindisi), Spain, France, Estonia, Belgium;
  • 2nd Round: CURRY Development, winter 2021, in Italy (Rome), Spain, France, Estonia, Belgium;
  • Final Conference in Italy (Brindisi).

The pandemic inevitably imposed limitations, as the global lockdown occurred during the first year of the project, followed by national lockdowns in partner countries at various times. In addition to the postponement of the activities, online procedures were therefore adopted for events, in cases where the health situation did not allow the realization of events in presence.


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