CURRY development

CURRY development


The second Italian dissemination event of the CURRY project took place online on 2 December 2021 and was organized by the partner Learning Community of Rome. The seminar was attended by 40 teachers and school leaders.
The seminar illustrated the products produced by the project and the ways in which they can be used by teachers in daily practice. The following topics were touched upon:
• the concept of Content Curation and the digital skills that this methodology allows to acquire;
• the tools created by the project: the Repertoire and the Handbook, and their applications to teaching;
• an experience of Content Curation at school, told by the teacher Carmen de Stasio, project representative on behalf of IISS “E. Majorana ”of Brindisi, coordinating school of the project.


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The Multiplier Event organized by Centro San Viator took place on January 21, 2022 in the School, involving 25 participants. 

The meeting dealt with various topics: starting from the internationalization  processes  of Centro San Viator and the value of Erasmus + projects, to then focus on CURRY, tracing the evolution of the project and illustrating the products created in these months of work.




The second Multiplier Event organized by the Estonian school Kadrina Keskkool took place in the presence, with 22 participants, in two sessions: January 7 and 25, 2022.

The program was the following:

  • Gathering together, attendance sheets
  • Workshop “Using Ipad in the lessons”
  • Presentation of the project, videos
  • Discussion
  • Lunch





The second French dissemination event of the CURRY project, organized by College Saint Joseph, took place online on December 9, 2021, and involved 42 participants, all teachers in their first year of teaching. The event thus had a double value: in addition to the dissemination of the project and its products, it represented an opportunity for training in the use of technologies and new methodologies. The focus was on digital skills activated by content curation activities, with a practical demonstration of the tools created by the project.




The Multiplier Event organized by the Belgian school Go Atheneum took place on January 26, 202. 52 teachers and trainers participated in the online meeting. 




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