CURRY in progress

CURRY in progress


The Multiplier Event organized by the IC Bozzano of Brindisi took place online on June 4, 2021, with 85 participants.
At the end of the event, during which the project and its products were presented, a survey was carried out via Google Modules among the participants, to verify the quality of the meeting and collect the opinions of the participants.


49 respondents answered to the survey and indicated several advantages of using content curation at school, including:
– greater critical awareness in identifying and using online content;
– a way for students to acquire digital skills;
– an enrichment of the professional profile of teachers;
– access to reliable sources;
– a way to actively involve students in school work.

The area most teachers would choose to start a content curation business at school is Find and Filter.



The Multiplier Event organized by Centro San Viator took place in attendance on May 14, 2021 in the main hall of the Tknika technical school, in the Basque province of Spain.


48 teachers and trainers participated; the project, the cornerstones of content curation and the products created were presented.


The Multiplier Event organized by the Estonian school Kadrina Keskkool took place in the presence, with 38 participants, on June 16, 2021.


During the meeting the project and its products were presented; the participants were involved in a workshop on the Book Creator app, a tool for creating digital content, present in the Repertoire. It was thus possible to give those present a practical demonstration of the use of online tools to carry out content curation activities at school.


The Multiplier Event organized by College Saint Joseph was carried out in two sessions: the first took place online on 9 June 2021, with 11 participants; the second took place at the Lycée Montesquieu on 6 July 2021, with 33 participants. In all, 44 teachers were involved.


During the two meetings the products of the project were presented, in particular the Repertoire and some examples of lessons from the Handbook.


The Multiplier Event organized by the Belgian school Go Atheneum took place on May 26, 2021. 63 teachers and trainers participated in the meeting, completely online.









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