What is DigComp?

DigComp 2.1 is the European reference framework for citizens’ digital skills. It illustrates 8 levels of mastery and examples of use applied to the education and work sector. The complete model contains 5 digital competence areas, 21 competences, 8 different levels of progression, from beginner to highly specialised, examples of knowledge, skills and attitudes and applicability for each competence.

The 5 areas are the following:

– Information and data literacy
– Communication and Collaboration
– Digital content creation
– Safety
– Problem solving.


CURRY Competence Tree is consistent with DigComp

You can find many correspondences between the Find and Filter area and the Information and data literacy area of DigComp. The Curate and Publish area corresponds to the Digital content creation area of DigComp, and the Communicate and Collaborate area corresponds to the Communication and collaboration area of DigComp.



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A look in detail

Information and data literacy:

  • Identify, locate, filter, retrieve, store, organise, analyse, and manage digital information and data, judging its relevance and purpose.

Communication and Collaboration:

  • Communicate in digital environments, share resources through online tools, link with others and collaborate through digital tools, interact with and participate in communities and networks, cross-cultural awareness, digital citizenship.

Digital content creation:

  • Create and edit digital and multimedia content; integrate and re-elaborate digital content; produce creative expressions and media outputs; program and code; deal with and apply intellectual property rights and licences.


  • Personal protection and well-being, data protection, digital identity protection, security measures, safe and sustainable use.

Problem solving:

  • Solve technical problems, identify digital needs and resources, solve conceptual problems through digital means, creatively use technologies, update one’s own and others’ competences.


DigComp levels

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DigComp can be used to assess digital competence level, strengths and weaknesses of an individual or target population, of educators, trainers and teachers; to design teaching and learning experiences for individual learners to develop their digital competences; to identify, assess and certify learning achievements and development of digital competence.

Since 2015, the Europass CV contains a self-assessment form to describe your digital competences and include them in the European curriculum vitae. 



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