What is TASK?

TASK is an ERASMUS + project that has developed a set of didactic approaches and strategies together with a web application for the assessment of Key Competences in the lower/upper secondary school.

The TASK methodology integrates a framework for the self-assessment of Key Competences, a web application for the self-assessment and the a set of didactic approaches and strategies for teachers aimed to support them in the application of the procedure (Guidelines).

The web application  supplies a logical interactive path for the self-assessment of the Key Competences in the school context, supported by a web interface.


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If you want to read a deeper explanation, read the Guidelines:

TASK Guidelines

How does it work?

The TASK web application offers to the students the possibility of making a self-diagnosis in relation to the level of owned key competences answering to a series of questions by selecting proposed options; the selection of these latter represent a stimulus of reflection and a guide to acquire awareness of owned competences and the related mastery level. At the end of this exercise the students will obtain a grid with the assessed level for each one of the key competence.

The project built a prototype to test the following key competences:

  • Communication in mother tongue
  • Communication in foreign language
  • Digital competence.

How to use TASK: registration

Registration is easy and automatic! The user can register as a teacher or as a student, his account will be activated immediately. For more information on registration procedures, read and download the Registration Help:

TASK Registration Help 



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How to assess yourself

1. Choose the Key Competence

Start choosing the Key Competence you want to assess: Communication in the mother tongue, Communication in foreign language or Digital competence. Be careful to select, for the first two, the level corresponding to the school you are attending: lower secondary school or upper secondary school.

2. Choose the mastery level

Now select the mastery level: what you think you are good in that Competence? Read carefully the descriptions associated with the levels A, B, C, and D, and choose the one you recognize yourself in. Levels are listed in ascending order: A is the higher.

3. Choose the domain 

Each Competence is divided into 5 domains. Choose  from the menu the  domain from which you want to start the assessment: once you have selected it, you can read its description on the screen.

4. Read and perform the task

Now the system will propose you a task you have to perform, supported and guided by your teacher. He/she will give you detailed instruction about how and when to perform the task, and will observe your performance.

5. Assess your performance

Did you finish the task you were asked to do? Good! Now assess the quality of your performance: answer to the questions shown on the screen, flagging the box “yes” or “no”.

6. Done! 

If you have flagged all the boxes, you have finished this step of the assessment. The system restitutes you an answer that will show you your real level in that Competence domain.

And now?

Once you have finished the assessment in a Competence domain, your teacher will tell you when and how to continue to assess the whole Competence, repeating exactly the steps explained here.

Launch the TASK tool





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