CURRY is realized by a partnership from 5 European countries:




IISS “E. MAJORANA“, a secondary school at the cutting edge of innovation, is recognized as an authoritative point of reference at European and national level in the application of new educational approaches and new technologies in schools. Since 2012 the Institute has replaced the traditional school texts with Open Educational Resources ( produced by teachers and students. IISS Majorana is the project Applicant.



LEARNING COMMUNITY, Independent institute of research and educational experimentation (National Register of Researches 61869FGO), a think tank for innovation in the fields of Education and Training, with a consolidated experience in methodologies for training and use for educational purposes of social networks and social media.



IC Bozzano is a public compulsory school that represents a cutting-edge reality in Southern Italy; in recent years it has become a promoter and has participated in various initiatives and projects on the subject of digital competences and teaching technologies. Has been applicant in the Erasmus+ Space project, aiming to prevent and counteract cyberbullying.



CENTRO SAN VIATOR offers courses ranging from kindergarten to advanced training; has participated in various types of European projects over the past 14 years, both as a partner and as an applicant. Active in mobility actions, every year it sends abroad about 55 students and 35 teachers and receives no less than 25 students and 20 teachers. Has participated in two projects on the Early School Leaving, which have allowed to reduce the number of young people who leave the school prematurely.


GO ATHENEUM GENTBRUGGE is a secondary school in the educational area of Gent. The Institute uses the new information and communication technologies to dialogue and collaborate among students, teachers and families. Pupils and parents have access to Smartschool, the school’s digital learning platform.


COLLEGE SAINT JOSEPH is a Catholic secondary private school located in the centre of Libourne, a small town 25 kms East of Bordeaux. There are around 700 students aged 11-15 and 45 teachers. Saint Joseph is a place where each student is valued and encouraged to achieve his full potential.  Students have the opportunity to take part in different activities, projects and educational trips. The study of foreign languages is enhanced by a number of school exchanges with different countries. The school is expanding and preparing for the introduction of the use of tablets to a whole year group in September 2020.



KADRINA KESKKOOL is a 12-year rural school where ITC are integrated in the learning process. Kadrina Secondary School is the largest country school in Estonia and students attending the school are mostly from Kadrina rural municipality. Due to the ongoing education reform the school is in a vulnerable and competitive situation and has to find ways to support the sustainable development of the school, which would benefit the local community as well. One of the solutions in the present situation is to enhance the teachers’ competences and knowledge in the use of modern methodologies and technologies.




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