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CURRY Project has developed a multilingual Repertoire and a Teacher Handbook on Content Curation. 

The Repertoire is so named with reference to the double value of the term: a collection of items, contents, resources, but even a stock of skills or type of behavior that a person habitually uses.  In fact, the resources selected and collected in the Repertoire are organized in the three thematic competence areas of Content Curation: Find and Filter, Curate and Publish and Communicate and Collaborate. 

The Repertoire contains resources for the Content Curation in different formats: text, audio, video, pictures, all of them classified per competence area, language and condition of use. These resources, freely available, illustrate the various aspects of Content Curation: how to search online, how to recognize content and reliable sources, how to rework digital content, how to use online publishing tools, etc. Therefore, for the teacher who wants to carry out Content Curation activities, they represent a sort of toolbox.

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The Teachers Handbook instead proposes activities on Content Curation to be carried out in class with students: workshops, lessons, debates and more, with the necessary instructions and materials. 

These proposals integrate the resources of the Repertoire, providing teachers with operational guides to carry out didactic activities on Content Curation, contextualized at the three levels of education: primary school (ISCED1), lower secondary school (ISCED2) and upper secondary school (ISCED3). A file is provided for each activity that can be downloaded and printed.

Both the Repertoire and the Teachers Handbook have an internal search engine that makes finding content quick and easy. Together they constitute a valuable and innovative database for teachers of all levels.


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