Lab Days France

Lab Days France – College Saint Joseph


The lab days represent the experimental step of the Teachers’ Handbook produced by the CURRY project. In lab days, teachers and learners test Teaching Activities, to evaluate their effectiveness and reproducibility.


Date and place of the Lab Day 4 and 10 February 2022
Name of teachers Lydie Forsyth, Isabelle Gobinaud, Arnaud Loquin
Number of students participants 23+27
Age/class 14 years old / class level Y10
Title of the activity

Mettre en place une veille documentaire et d’actualité avec Pearltrees (Collecting and organising information using Pearltrees)

Language French
Duration 2 hours



Work steps

Pearltrees: presentation of how it works and why it is useful to curate information when you are doing a research complex topics.

Explain the task: collect information on Charlie Chaplin and classify it using Pearltrees.

In the IT room, students work in pairs, they create an account on Pearltrees and determine what subcollections they can create (biography / filmography / silent movies/ political context..)

Evaluation of the activity (questionnaire on Forms).

The students were engaged. They enjoyed using Pearltrees and were at ease with it. The topic “Charlie Chaplin” seemed to motivate them and they were keen to look for information. All students managed to find relevant sites to add to their collection. It allowed to measure the importance of a progressive learning of documentary and information learning.


Considerations on the experimentation carried out

Our students still find it difficult to assess the relevance of the information they find, to analyse the typology of the websites they consult. Our activity aimed at using a curation tool but requested other competences such as filtering and analysing websites which the students aren’t all comfortable with. Moreover, if the students struggle to analyse the relevance of the websites they also struggle to find relevant names for their collections.

It would be useful to have done an activity on analysing websites (homepage, author, update, typology (wiki, personal, official, commercial, institutional…) and keyword beforehand to enlarge the scope of their research.




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