Starter Kit: Content Curation competences

A structured set of digital skills for content curation is proposed by Stephen Dale:

Traditional literacy: reading, writing, speaking, listening;
Information literacy: ability to identify what information is needed and the ability to locate, evaluate and use information;
Visual literacy: ability to understand and produce visual messages;
Critical literacy: ability to question, challenge, and evaluate the meanings and purposes of texts;
Media literacy: ability to question, analyse, interpret, evaluate and create media messages;
Tool literacy: ability to use tools to manage, consume and create information;
Digital literacy: ability to use digital technology, communication tools and networks to locate, evaluate and create information.


As can be seen from the above, the competences for content curation include digital competences, critical skills and information literacy.
Among the various existing repertoires, we point out the most interesting ones from which a specific map  of competences for content curation can be developed: DigComp, a digital skills framework developed by the European Commission; the Digital and Information Literacy Framework by the Open University; the Mozilla Web Literacy framework for the 21st Century Skills.




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