Starter Kit: DIKW Pyramid

One of the models that Content Curation refers to is the DIKW pyramid, a hierarchy that represents the structural and functional relationships between data, information, knowledge and wisdom.


DATA are the symbols or signs, which cannot be used until they are transformed into a usable format. An example is unorganized and unprocessed facts and observations, which have no meaning because they lack context and interpretation.
INFORMATION consists of data that has been assigned a meaning and a structure, which makes them usable.
KNOWLEDGE is structured and processed information, that can be applied in action: a mixture of experience, values, contextual information, grounded intuition, which constitutes a background to incorporate new experiences and information.
WISDOM is integrated knowledge, which guides action and allows judgments to be made and decisions made, even on an ethical level.
It is not enough to know and store knowledge, we also need to share what we know with others. Capturing knowledge is just a first step; to take control of our learning process, we need a continuous process of seeking, sensing-making, and sharing.



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