Starter Kit: find information on the web


To develop content curation the starting point is the search for information, and consequently the ability to use the tools to search, filter and verify information from reliable and credible sources.
Since the amount of easily accessible information rapidly grows both in volume and in complexity and many old concepts are replaced by new ideas at an ever-increasing rate, we need to learn how to find, identify, follow and update the most relevant “sources of information”, the resources and editors.
Social tools and media offer us the tools to find and filter information, but they do not tell us what is reliable and what is useful; Content Curation provides us with a structure, a process, a system and a discipline to help us find and use the most relevant information, giving an added value to the contents.
The web as a container of information is configured as a boundless set of resources, texts and documents. The problem is what to look for and how to search, learning to distinguish the relevance and quality of the content. An apparently elementary task like typing a keyword in a field research to find information is actually an advanced skill; we need to become aware of the search criteria and strategies, performing tasks of increasing complexity. To explore resources on the Internet it is necessary to acquire a critical sense, also in consideration of the complexity of the experience that is being carried out in terms of selection, collection and evaluation of the resources themselves.




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