Starter Kit: Information overload


Information overload disorients us and makes it increasingly difficult to find the information we need: we need to separate information from noise. In the abundance of online content, the ability to find, make sense and share the content we need becomes crucial.

Howard Rheingold calls infotention, or information + attention, a combination of attentional discipline and information-handling tools, a method for turning information overload into knowledge navigation.

Since we are living in a continuous flow of information, we must know which are the most accurate, reliable and important ones for us, preserving ourselves from an overload of useless or misleading information.
Otherwise, we lose control over the flood of information that comes to us every day from technological tools of all kinds. In the uninterrupted cascade of information, misinformation and fake news, we need to find that tiny piece of useful information without being overwhelmed or lost in the vortex of uselessness and nonsense.



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