Starter Kit

Start here for an overview of Content Curation


To allow you to orient yourself on the concept and tools of Content Curation we have prepared a Starter Kit: interactive materials that you can quickly consult.
Here you can find useful information and materials to better understand what Content Curation is: its meaning, the different ways in which it can be implemented, the main models, procedures and the most popular online tools.
What is Content Curation?
Information overload
Participatory Culture
The DIKW Pyramid
Seek-Sense-Share and the 5 Cs
5 Content Curation Models
Find information on the web
Verify the reliability
Tags and Folksonomy
The curator as information chemist
Content Curation Competences
Using web applications
Popular Tools
Educational aspects
Curation Revolutionizes Education & Learning
Tips for starting
Develop critical thinking

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