Starter Kit: Seek-Sense-Share and the 5 Cs



Harold Jarke’s  seek-sense-share framework is a standard that enables learners to capture, interpret and share their knowledge:

Seeking is finding things out and keeping up to date.
Sensing is how we personalize information and use it. Sensing includes reflection and putting into practice what we have learned. Often it requires experimentation, as we learn best by doing.
Sharing includes exchanging resources, ideas, and experiences with our networks as well as collaborating with our peers.


Deschaine and Sharma propose a conceptual framework that defines 5 C’s:

Collection: consists of collecting, comparing and cataloguing;
Categorization: this phase reflects on which elements must be included and which are excluded;
Criticism: the elements of the collection are evaluated;
Conceptualization: the contents are reorganized, with the creation of a connection between them; this creates new meanings;
Circulation: dissemination of edited content.





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